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By Executive Decree 1319, the President of the Republic, Economist Rafael Correa created the Agency of Regulation and Control of Biosecurity and Quarentine of Galapagos (ABG), assigned to the Enviormental Department, with legal, technical, financial, operational and administrative autonomy. Read on....

Campaign: Galapagos is your home

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NINACHUMBI: Interview, Economist Carlos Carrion

“...Managing invasive species requires working on the causes and not on the effects of multidimensional problems. This implies changing the paradigmas...” Economist Carlos Carrion, Director of the Operations Unit of Invasive Species of Galapagos Fund.

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"MAE is the direct beneficiary, representing the Ecuadorian Government and is solely responsible for the implementation of FEIG."

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FEIG is a Foundation originated from public and/or private donations; it protects the value of its capital through investments, whose yield is destined exclusively to fund projects and/or activites for the total control of invasive species in Galapagos.

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