By Executive Decree 1319, the President of the Republic, Economist Rafael Correa created the Agency of Regulation and Control of Biosecurity and Quarentine of Galapagos (ABG), assigned to the Enviormental Department, with legal, technical, financial, operational and administrative autonomy.

This initiative responds to the need of applying the terms given by the Constitution of the Republic regarding the fact that the Galapagos Province has a special government regime, and its develompent and planification are organized according to a strict attatchment to the principles of the conservation of the natural heritage of the State, in accordance to the National Plan of Good Living.

In the city of Quito, the Enviormental Minister, Attorney Marcela Aguiñaga, put Dr Marilyn Cruz as Director of the Agency of Regulation and Control of Biosecurity and Quarentine of Galapagos, the act was attended by Edwin Naula, Director of the Galapagos National Park.

The Agency of Biosecurity replaces  Agrocalidad in the province, and assumes responsibilities such as controlling, regulating, preventing and reducing the risk of introduction; movement and the dispersion of exotic organisms that threaten human health and the integrity of the insular and marine ecosystems of the islands, and others.

Marcela Aguiñaga, Minister of the Enviorment, when handing the charge of Director of the Agency to Dr Marylin Cruz; announced that taking the responsabilities of Agrocaliad, marks a new form of administration for the islands.This allows the process of sanitary control to reach new levels across continental Ecuador, and the populated areas of the archipelago.

"MAE is the direct beneficiary, representing the Ecuadorian Government and is solely responsible for the implementation of FEIG."

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FEIG is a Foundation originated from public and/or private donations; it protects the value of its capital through investments, whose yield is destined exclusively to fund projects and/or activites for the total control of invasive species in Galapagos.

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